Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings: Strensall with Towthorpe Parish

Item Location Listing Grade
Berwin House 3 Church Lane, Strensall 2
The Grange 59 The Village, Strensall 2
Mile Post Opposite Q E Barracks Entrance 2
Church of St Mary the Virgin Church Lane, Strensall 2
Strensall New Bridge Haxby Moor Road, Strensall 2 Also known as Old Humpy
Manor House Farmhouse 1 The Village, Strensall 2 Formerly listed as Strensall Hall
Station House 130 The Village, Strensall 2
Strensall Bridge Sheriff Hutton Road, Strensall 2 Also known as John Carr Bridge
Low Farm Farmhouse Towthorpe Road, Towthorpe 2
War Memorial The Village, Strensall 2