Examination Documents

Examination Documents

The examination  Rosemary Kidd MRTPI commenced on 5th April 2022.

There has been an exchange of questions and responses between the Examiner and City of York Council (LPA) and the latter has also consulted with Strensall with Towthorpe Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and their consultants (PC).

The initial communication from the Examiner was a Procedural Note dated 5th April 2022 which can be view by clicking on the following link  2022-04-05 Strensall with Towthorpe York Examiners Procedural Note

The response coordinated between LPA and PC can be viewed by clicking the link following CYC_and_PC_Response_to_Strensall_with_Towthorpe_York__Examiners_Procedural_Note___Final

In addition the following documents were forwarded by the LPA  on 27th April 2022 to the Examiner in support of the response.

Extract from CYC Composite Modifications Schedule – April 2021 – PM70 & PM71

Strensall with Towthorpe NDP – Revised LGS Assessments

Strensall with Towthorpe NDP Reg 16 PC Representation Response Grid FINAL

A further request was received from Rosemary Kidd via City of York Council on 12th May 2022.

2022-05-12- Strensall with Towthorpe York Examiners Questions

The requested information was returned to CoYC for a joint response to the Examiner to be prepared. Due to Officers’ commitments to the ongoing Local Plan examination it is expected these will be sent to Rosemary Kidd by 17th June 2022. A request by CoYC for a further delay in sending the joint response was sent to delay the response until 6th July following the despatch of documents to the Local Plan Examination Inspectors on 5th July 2022.

2022-05-12- Strensall with Towthorpe York Examiners Questions

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